Friday, October 5, 2007

Why.......does Naperville suck?

Finally, I have an opportunity to reflect on what it is exactly what is is that makes Naperville suck. Maybe because it is rated as a top 10 community to live in for families. Well, we know that is a load of crap!

Any community that needs to hold a lottery for children's involvement in Park District programs seems grossly under-staffed, and even tho you are paying for these services when you are able to use them, shouldn't the opportunity to participate be available to all?

The answer of course, is yes. But that is something you find out about after you already live here.

You may think of the downtown area as safe - but - if you were out last Friday night, during the cross-town football game, you would have seen Police in riot gear, quelling groups of our fine young student body of high schoolers
whose parents pay a premium for their fine education at multi-million dollar schools fighting amongst themsleves , along with the usual drunken brawls outside the fabulous restaurants and liquor establishments. Haven't we had enough, already with entertainment?

Cats are a paria apparently, because Naperville does indeed have a leash law for cats. You can be fined, ticketed and/or jailed for the actions of your cat. Owner beware!

Then there's the Dog People who carry the baggie, but are always concentrating on something else, when their dog takes a crap.

If you don't drive a Hummer, there is only one thing for you do to - GET OFF THE ROAD!! I hope you are all enjoying your new electronic ticket cameras for all you yellow-light runners - what is that a $150.00 ticket? Hope you honked at the guy in front of you, so you got thru the light. Ha ha ha.


Mary said...

Damn straight! Fuck those hummers. And the cats are the ones being leashed? If you ask me, the spoiled brats from the subdivisions are the ones who need the leash. Am I right or am I right?

owncore said...

naperville needs a big drop of lsd on the whole town